Model format, animation and jumping.

We are reaching the end of our RL project and my contract will be up end of August so there is a good chance that I'm going to get VERY busy and my dev. time will drop to zero... but until then:

Jumping has been added and it looks cute, you have minimal control while jumping over your character which will allow for some challenging platforming. ;) A jump animation will be added.

Updated the export of models and now you can define more complex 'skins' for meshes plus animations now can support multiple bone influences on a single vertex. This will allow properly skinned animations and I'll be creating a more complex character model to show this of in-game.

The basic framework for terrain has been added; it will have a small disk print but a lot a variety and still keep the retro look. Terrain will be usable indoors or out. This has been put on hold at the moment so that I can focus on networking.

Busy with a simple client/server architecture that will allow 4 people to play over any network type. (Hopefully) I will have a little test app of this running in the coming weeks.

PS. I would advise anyone to get a good quality SSD (solid state drive) when doing a lot of compiles it REALY makes a lot a difference. But note: only good quality SSDs, the market is full of cheap kaka that promises lots and really fails to deliver. Intel, Toshiba (good but hard to find), Supertalent Gseries and Corsair in that order. Read reviews!