New Release

Here it is after almost a month of delays with actual work and new features eating up the time. So what is in this release, glad you asked:
  • FX System redone, scriptable and managed. (Particles and Animated textures)
  • Trigger system added, when triggered a script function is called.
  • Items are fully scripted.
  • Some actor properties are scriptable.
  • Blocking is working and now comes with animation.
  • New map with new tiles.
  • New weapons and health pickups.
  • A lot of bug fixes and optimizations.
Little screen:

Download (mirror)

-Left click to attack when in-range of a bad guy.
-Right click to block if you picked up a shield. NOTE: You can not attack and block. Only attacks from the front are blocked.
-To pick up stuff just run over them.
-The game will end when you die, pressing ESC will quite the game also.

PLEASE help me debugging not only the game but the new tile set, if you see any jaggies or weird lines please take a screenshot and send it to me. Thanks.

=What’s coming in the next release=
  • Multiplayer (already started)
  • Outdoor/Indoor terrain (already started)
  • Sound!!!
  • Upgrade to animation system and model format.
PS. If anyone knows a low-poly modeller who wants work please contact me.