A sound level of music ability...

Hehe, I've been working on adding Levelling and Abilities as you level and was surprised to find that I had no real difficulties. Yeeee! While abilities needs some visualization, and I cannot work on that stuff while at RL work, I thought I needed to add some music and sound effects. This also was not too hard to do and thanks to some awesome free-to-use 8bit music and sfxr to generate the audio effects the game has some audio goodness in now.

My next drive is to expand the level/ability system with content as well as add extra minor features to the audio system and some random loot to pick up to add to a score system.

A new release will probably be done for end of next week.


Anonymous said...

Hello Gustave,

we came across your website when we saw your game in the IGF contest and were very impressed by what we saw!
We saw you did not have a sound designer nor music composer so we thought we'd offer our services.
Mana Burn Music is a team of 2 graduated composers/music producers who solely make music for games.
You can listen to a couple of our demo songs on our new site, www.manaburnmusic.com, if you have any questions we'd be more than happy to answer them.

We hope we can contribute to your next projects.

Kind Regards,

Dylan & Stijn

Mana Burn Music