As on-one is reading these I think I'll be dumping my private 'Captains log' on my blog... so lets start with this months newest stuff:

-= 01 Aug. 2009 =-
I'm back ffs! Sometimes finding oneself is only half the battle... These logs helped me a lot to orientate my thoughts, and now I need them again.
Maps, massive grid, graph for low detail offscreen movement and planning (skeleton).
LUA integrated, ODE integrated.
Map/entity builder in alpha.
Model animation and rendering pipe GO!
AI and weapon/ sensory/inventory/targeting systems in!
Script level mechanics need some flesh, basic UI also.
Resource saving/loading/deleting is good.
Animation selection via animation map must be implemented.
Particle system need a mount point/root transform. Benchmark: point or quad?
A lot of little things needs testing, fixing and adding plus my asset creation chain need to be work for animated models as well as geoms with an offset from the models centre. Aaaaaah! Where to start?!

Next goals:
* 001-. Animation mapping with behaviour & item sensitivity. (done IpF)
* 002a. Hiding of away-facing statics. (done)
* 002b. Camera support for 'facing'. (done)
* 002c. Builder support for 'facing'. (done)
* 003-. Use phBuilderObject in Builder and replace it with phInstanceTemplate in current build. (replaced)