Not dead yet!

I'm back after a very turbulent and crazy few months. Been busy fighting the recession and securing income :D so that I can continue my indie project, which is going slowly but surly.

I've been working on the level editor so that I can rapidly test other aspects of the game and not worry about editing text files. I'll post some screenshots when its close to alpha state.
The game itself is also in a refactored and working state, the player can pick up items and attack NPCs, just need some animations for the actors... I'm tired of using mushrooms...

I would really, really, really-really like to have a beta (or better) build ready for IGF's 12th Annual Compo. so I'm going to draft to have somthing before that that is totally play-testable.

Anyway, as first posts go this was not to bad, I'll be posting more updates as I have some intresting shots to show... thanks for reading. :)