An Update

Hey, finally an update! I've been working on a lot of things, one of which was a 2D platformer engine. Weeeee! After it became obvious that I was writing an engine AGAIN I sat down and thought about it and decided that I want to make a game; not an engine. This led me to look at a few game creation tools and existing engines and I settled on Unity3D. I've played around with it now quite a bit and have come to grips with most of the concepts. This led to me focussing my thoughts more on game design then engine design which was a breath of fresh air. :) But being a programmer I found myself writing some auxiliary content generation tools for the the game idea I'm sitting with. This idea for my new game will be explored in another post for now I'll just share some shots of the tools.

Continued below...

As you can see its a name generator. :D You can great different rule sets for different types of name. The rules can be created with hand or a name list can be fed in and the rules are then extracted.

Generated galaxy with kind-of accurate distribution of star types their planets.

And lastly, that which I've been slogging over and is not done yet, the planet generator. When its done you will be able to specify the type of planets to be generated, their elevations and feature and colors.
All these tools generate a XML file that will be used in Unity to generate content.

Well that's me for now, next post might be more tools shots or a blurb on what my idea for my game is we'll just have to see. :D

Ps. If anyone was wondering the tools is written in C# using WPF.