Page bang! Update.

Ok I've updated AlphaHack to version 1.01, although I feel it should be 0.01 ;), and uploaded it to my new... static download page! No more searching for a post that has a download link. Yeeee.

* Going into Help now will pause the game. (thx GamerD)
* Tweaked the help content a bit.
+ Health can now be found in skull drops.
* Leveling fixes, ability gain at 3,5,7 and HP boost on 2,4,6. Attaining HP boost levels is faster than ability levels.
+ Extra player levels.
* Fix a few minor bugs.
* UI tweaks.
* Level tweaks.

Please find the new version on the Download page.

NOTE: equiping health items stacks, putting an ability in the item equipment slot will discard all items in that slot.