Update to Tech Demo

The tech demo has been updated with a few fixes and improvements under the hood:

- Fixes
  • Death animation now displays properly.
  • Pause did not work on the whole system only on bot updates.
- Improvements
  • Bots are now destroyed and removed properly.
  • Attack does proper area damage according to type. (You can now hit more then one target at once)
  • Slight optimization in physics checks for attacks.
  • Slight optimization when instancing a bot.
- Additions
  • There is now a performance ticker on the right hand side. (This is not frame-rate and is very sensitive to computer environment)
- Changes
  • The way the game plays has been sped up.
  • The player now does a whole lot more damage and the bots less.
  • A max of 30 bots can be spawned. (Over 200 at one has been tested but it gets a bit crazy)
Download (Mirror)