-= 07 Aug. 2009 =-
Epiphany time kids, I was struggling to find an art/design direction for the tiling used in the game. I realized that because all 'rooms' are exactly the same size on a chunk level you make the floors the needed size to fill a room chunk. This will simplify collision geoms as well, AND allow rotation on the floor tiles! Statics should be marked as floor, wall or misc. tiles in export script or builder.
Doing it in the builder would be faster than updating the script.
Orientation on bones in 3dM needs to be investigated as they are aligned on the +x axis and I need -z. Check if a static or animated model in script and then rather use world coords. on export on static models and parent coords. on animated models. Would help with bone orientation fixing to -z not being needed as much.
Converting the builder to the new 'mode' based pattern is almost done, it just needs refining.
New numbering method in logs ;)

* 001-. Add a gravity geom that will allow holes in 'solid' floors.
* 002-. An extra pixel length lip on tiles will give a very nice feel... or... adding an alpha map to textures so that they pixelate out of existence like with corridor' sides.
* 002a. A wall should include one corner when modeling. (left one)

Next goals:
* 005b. Create a very basic UI with hot spots and RtT.
* 006-. Create new test models using new exporter. (need more)
* 006a. Create new models using room chunck sized floors.
* 007a. Investigate collision geom offset.
* 007b. Fix AABB offset.
* 008-. Investigate bone orientation in 3dM
* 009-. Do check in export script for static or animated meshes and use
world coord. sys. for static and parent coord. sys. for animated.