First Release

Yes, after an absolutely ghastly struggle to find a steering/movement model that I like and would work for what I want I have done it. Using a combination of grid navigation using A* searches and a flexible steering model, plus quite a few interesting meta data tweaks to do grid queries, the actors run around without problem and can swarm the player.
There are a few tweaks left to make so that you get proper piling of attackers and smoothing out cross room movement but they are all in the box basically thanks to my current ground work. :)

Also work on the scripting, AI, attack system and particle system is at a level that allows me to... TADA release my first pre-alpha tech./gameplay RTP (release-to-public) test. It will be on the Download post shortly.

If you want any more details about the technical side of things please drop me a mail and I'll be more then glad to answer them.

PS. Ignore the date on this post, it was in my draft box for a long time while I sorted out a lot of other little things.